Wk 12 — Artist OTW — Heather Anacker and Krista Feld

Artists: Heather Anacker and Krista Feld

Media: Sewing and Weaving, Natural Dyes, Materials

Fiber Artist, Heather and Krista are two very talented artists from Cal Sate Long Beach. They are a collaborative group of artists who showed their art work in their exhibition of Dwelling located in the SOA Gatov Gallery West & Gatov Gallery East.

Krista Feld shows a collection of herbs and sawdust from wood that she used to create color with material. Pine creates a bright yellow color that people don’t realize. She shows many different variety of woods that can create colors that have potential of no one would expect. Heather then shows her work apron that has pockets for every tool she use in her fiber practice. It has stains from dyes and she looks forward to adding more gunk and stain to show it as an artistic piece when all done.

This is the Heather’s work apron that she made pockets for every tool that she uses.
This is Krista’s collection of herbs and wood that is used for dye that can add colors to material that wouldn’t have imagined.

I see that they are showing many things that are simple that we might not think of in our daily lives. Like the wood from a pine tree, the sawdust from that tree can create a bright yellow that can be dye in to material. Many woods can create colors that I found was really creative and something new I learned from the video. They really enjoy what they have and make the most of it and it shows within their artwork. Any scraps that we think is trash, it can be transformed to art within their hands.

I really enjoyed watching all they had to show like the wall, the work apron, sewing kits and sewing machine from their grandmothers, dyes, and the family quilt. It shows that they really enjoy what they do and many of their works have a meaning to it and a story.